Introduction - Who am I? / by Lukas Huerta

*Click Click*

- It wouldn’t make sense to start this without a formal introduction, so here ya go! -

Hi, my name is Lukas Huerta and I live in San Diego, CA.  When I’m not working at a bank ( yup I have a day job ) I  usually am behind my camera shooting photos & videos for various needs.  My work focuses on people, products, and events for effective attention on the best details and moments.

Although, I want to briefly explain this isn’t the only thing I do.  When I’m not behind my computer editing, I enjoy spending time and traveling with my lovely girlfriend ( Best Travel Partner ).  We enjoy spending time with our cats or even having fun with friends, it varies each time. While living in a beautiful place is enjoyable, I do enjoy the occasional trip to wherever our car or passport(s) will take us.  From a couple of hours in the car to get to the desert or multiple hours in an airplane on a new adventure, we crave to see the world as much as we can. ( You only live once right? )  

The countless adventures we’ve been on were fascinating! ( minus one being in a hurricane stuck for another week - That’s for another post ).  The best one I can think of though would be... 


Get out and see the world because you never know what will change and you’ll gain a new perspective on how people live in another country.  These TWO reasons alone are why I love traveling. 

Thanks for reading my first journal post, I look forward to keeping this updated with various forms of work and personal stuff.

Here is to more key clicking and taking photos!  Keep an eye out for future posts!

- Lukas

Check out my social channels for more work! @Lukashuertaphoto